Co-ordinating collaboration in projects and programmes

Collaboration is essential for reaching your goals. Koordinet Oy co-ordinates projects and programmes, such as research or development projecs and organisational change projects.

Pirkko Kasanen

Focus on your goals and your core competencies

  • System without bureaucracy
  • Chaos brings new ideas, order is needed to realise them
  • Problems of collaboration are solved gracefully with Koordinet’s methods

Important benefits from co-ordination services

  • Efficient schedules bring results and cost savings.
  • Motivation and focusing on core issues are enabled by well-organised project collaboration.
  • Creative collaboration processes can also be managed systematically, without limiting creativity.
  • Conflicts can be avoided or solved, when necessary. Motivation and efficiency can be maintained, thus producing results.
  • Different experts and organisations find a common ground and a common language.
  • Goals are reached, and participants learn to collaborate.

Current activities and news

Koordinet assisted Cultura Foundation in the preparation of their Erasmus+ application.

Koordinet consulted HAMK University of Applied Sciences in the work to prepare an international collaboration network and development project in the field of tourism business and digital services.

Koordinet managed the work to prepare a research and innovation project proposal for Laurea University of Applied Sciences, FuturesLab Cofi. Laurea is the coordinator of the project of 6 countries, submitted to the Horizon 2020 programme.

Koordinet is one of the seven founding partners of Tyrsky Consulting Ltd. Tyrsky was established in 2014. Its know-how is based on high expertise and experience.

Pirkko Kasanen has served as an evaluator of project proposals in a EU programme. Evaluating proposals is good practice for preparing succesful proposals.

Koordinet has participated in the work of the ESADE team (Barcelona) in the KIC InnoEnergy project.