New path in a new phase

Pirkko Kasanen, the founder of Koordinet, has worked on the big change that happens as one retires. The initial shock faced by many people as they retire is characterized by joy of the new phase, but also a loss of purpose, identity and sense of community.

Pirkko has written an encouraging and entertaining guide that helps readers to see new possibilities in retirement. The book gives support for building a new purpose and a new identity, and for identifying good company. It also raises practical issues concerning the features of housing, and stimulates readers to organize both their closets and their time schedules, and to take care of themselves. There are real life examples from Finland and from Barcelona area. The workbook pages to be filled in activate the reader to finding new insights and individual solutions.

Pirkko also offers coaching for new retirees, and gives lectures. You can find her at


Koordinet was founded in 2008 to improve multidisciplinary collaboration. Koordinet co-ordinated multidisciplinary collaboration projects and assisted in the practical project management.

See examples of Kasanen’s co-ordination tasks.

Pirkko Kasanen


Koordinet is one of the founding partners of Tyrsky Consulting Ltd. Tyrsky was established in 2014 and specializes in environmental and climate issues. Its know-how is based on high expertise and experience. Pirkko worked as an expert and as CEO from the start until 2021.