Other tasks of Pirkko Kasanen

Pirkko Kasanen

Below are some examples of projects co-ordinated by Pirkko Kasanen or other relevant experience. In addition to her co-ordination work, she has worked as a researcher in numerous EU and national projects in Finland and other countries.

Pirkko is the managing director of Tyrsky Consulting.

Evaluation of EU project proposals

Pirkko Kasanen has served as an evaluator of project proposals in a EU programme in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Evaluating proposals is good practice for preparing succesful proposals.

VAPET – Leisure Living and Eco-Efficiency

The project, belonging to the Environmental Cluster Research Programme of the Ministry of the Environment, was built on research proposals by seven research organisations through a common pre-study and negotiations. The group had to agree on how to clarify the common goal and how to focus the study and allocate tasks, given the limited budget. Pirkko Kasanen managed the pre-study and the start of the project, co-ordination of the activities of the first year and the communication activities during that time. (2006-2007)

ELDERATHOME – The Prerequisites of the Elderly for Living at Home

Pirkko Kasanen invited five research organisations from four countries to participate in this research project in the 5th Framework Programme of the EU. Kasanen also managed a group of about 20 Finnish companies and other organisations that represented the users of the research results. This co-ordination task included preparing the proposal based on the material supplied by the partners, contract negotiations with the Commission, organising and chairing the project meetings, midterm reports, workshops with stakeholders, final report and communication acitivities. (2001-2004)

LINKKI 2 – Research Programme on Energy Conservation Decisions and Behaviour

The programme, mostly funded by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, consisted of 26 research projects. The goals were set and the co-ordination was carried out in close co-operation with the users of the results who were represented in the executive committee and thematic steering groups. Kasanen prepared the annual application rounds for funding, followed the progress of the projects, organised the communication among research and stakeholders, edited the publication series and the final report, and organised the annual seminars. An article by Kasanen analysing the working methods of the programme was awarded the Swiss Transdisciplinarity Award in 2000 at the International Transdisciplinarity Conference. (1997-2001)

Efficient Domestic ovens

Efficient Domestic ovens was a study commissioned by the EU Commission to prepare for the energy label for ovens. Kasanen co-ordinated the research work by nine research organisations from different EU countries, organised the project meetings and reporting and edited the final report. (1997-1999)