Get results with multidisciplinary collaboration


Koordinet was founded in 2008 to improve multidisciplinary collaboration. Collaboration is increasingly necessary to reach desired goals. Koordinet co-ordinates multidisciplinary collaboration projects and assists in the practical project management. Koordinet masters the everyday smooth running of projects and takes proactively care of all phases of the project, supporting the client. Many kinds of clients have already benefited from Koordinet’s services.

See examples of Kasanen’s co-ordination tasks.

Pirkko Kasanen, the founder of Koordinet, is a trusted and commended co-ordinator of projects and programmes. She has experience especially in combining research and practice as well as different kinds of expertise. Her education (PhD, EMBA) is advantageous for the co-operation of companies, public organisations and research in international projects.

Koordinet’s strengths

  • Koordinet listens while mapping your needs: it is possible to cover all the phases of your project, or offer a light, quick service where extra support is needed
  • Koordinet organises collaboration that combines various disciplines and interests, and enhances learning together (knowledge broker)
  • Koordinet offers systematic and proactive management of the practical tasks of projects
  • Koordinet follows the development of methods of co-ordination, and continuously develops its service

Support from a co-operation network

Koordinet is networked with other companies in order to offer a service package that meets your needs. The company is a member of Project Management Association Finland.

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