Koordinet’s service enhances collaboration

We help our clients to carry out many kinds of projects. They can be research or development projects funded by for example EU or national bodies, or multidisciplinary, organisation-wide development or change projects.

We assist universities and research institutes in the co-ordination of e.g. EU- or Tekes-projects. We serve public administration in co-ordination of research and development projects and programmes, or in founding new forms of collaboration and development. We assist company clients in development projects and in co-ordination of publicly funded projects.

Use Koordinet’s quick services

One day’s service can make a difference. These services take only 1-5 days:

From idea to project application. Which programme or funding instrument  (eg. EU, Tekes) is right for your idea? How should the idea be elaborated? What kind of partners do you need?

Sparring the application. Your project application is already drafted. Does it answer the questions posed by the programme or funding agency?

Starting the project. Your funding is granted. A successful kick-off meeting will ensure the shared understanding between partners and the smooth start of the project.

Planning and assisting in interim and final reports. The project is progressing, and reports must be made to the specifications of the funding agency. How to collect and present the necessary material?

Discuss deeper co-operation

Koordinet works as a part of your team, according to an agreed plan and schedule, in the following tasks:

Preparing a project proposal. According to your goals, we prepare the content of the proposal into a form that meets the requirements of the programme or funding agency. We also help you to find partners, if needed.

Co-ordinating a project. We clarify the plan, tasks and schedules of your project. We ensure the development of common understanding and maintain a platform for communication. We prepare meetings and produce memos. We prepare reports.

Developing networks. We help you to develop roles and working practices in your collaboration network. We organise events and maintain routine practices.

Five things to remember in co-ordinating collaboration

  • 1. Clarify needs
    Projects are different. Are you co-ordinating a straightforward but laborious project, or are you creating new models of collaboration? Help and solutions are matched with needs.
  • 2. Create common understanding
    In multidisciplinary collaboration people use different expressions for similar things. If they use similar expressions they mean different things. It is clever to make dumb questions!
  • 3. Embrace formalities carefully
    Various rules and regulations apply in project co-ordination and reporting. It is useful to match, from the start, your documentation with the reporting that will need to be done later.
  • 4. Maintain the process
    It is important to actively maintain schedules, internal communication and follow-up of the progress.
  • 5. Prepare to learn
    Different participants bring fresh insights, and working together creates new capabilities. Benefit and celebrate!

Benefits from our services

Confidence and efficiency in project management

  • Time schedules
  • Resource management
  • Funding applications
  • Reporting and other formalities
  • Online tools for keeping collaboration organised

Managing the network

  • Partners and experts when needed
  • Communication within the network

Managing multidisciplinary collaboration

  • Common understanding
  • Input from experts
  • Division of labour
  • Innovation, motivation, learning
  • Communication
  • Different goals and interests
  • Solving conflicts