Our service is a process of working phases


By means of a thorough preparation it is possible to choose the most useful methods of co-operation. In the preparation phase the goals are set, and the depth of the required co-operation is clarified: is it practical management of a project’s tasks, or does the project require deeper collaboration, development of mutual understanding, or creating new forms of co-operation?

All phases include the practical co-ordination of activities and the necessary organisation: allocation of tasks, internal communication, project meetings, midterm reports etc. Koordinet manages the necessary memos and files for you.

The different phases are carried out using suitable techniques and tools. We provide for example online tools for project management and foor keeping collaboration organised.

It depends on the goals and character of the project, which phases are needed and in what extent.

Koordinet can take different roles

As a practical organiser, Koordinet takes care of the physical framework for the project: clarifying needs, bringing together the participants, planning and organising meetings, supervising the progress of the project, communication and reporting.

As a team coach Koordinet, in addition to the above, influences the relations of the partners, and being impartial, helps partners achieve satisfactory solutions. A coach guides the participants in carrying out the project and helps in solving possible conflicts.

As a project leader Koordinet has the power to make decisions, in addition to the responsibility over managing the process and the people. The project leader can influence the process and make rules. This role is close to the role of project manager.

As a Knowledge Broker Koordinet brings experience, understanding and trust from various communities (public, private, and third sector) to help collaboration. Communication and collaboration are strengthened by means of a trusted translator and negotiator of meaning.